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NEW Ways to Win MORE
at Blackjack

by Richard Harvey

 NEW Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack by Blackjack Great Richard Harvey




  The man Irv Brown at KKFN-AM called “The Blackjack KING!” and Jackpot casino talk show host Bill Previtti recently called “A blackjack wizard...a genius” is back with his third book, New Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack, an anthology of his best syndicated columns (augmented especially for this book).

  One of the world’s foremost authorities on blackjack, Richard Harvey has achieved historic breakthroughs in his monumental computer research projects resulting in his creation of the first new and better way to play the game in more than 40 years!

  In New Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack, this blackjack innovator and expert player continues to astound readers with leading edge discoveries and new methods from his ongoing computer research studies into blackjack and card behavior. In chapters such as “Dealing Brings The Cards Back Together,” “Shuffle Tracking 101,” “Griffin GOLD Makes Headlines: A Blackjack Threat?”, “Do Bad Players Mess Up A Table?”, “Where Should You Put The Cut Card?”, “What To Do When A Player Leaves The Table,” and more, readers will find fresh and astonishing insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Full of illustrations, New Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack strikes a conversational, easy-to-understand tone and is for players of all levels.

  Says Igor Broes, editor of Casino Entertainer: “This is not your typical blackjack book, written by Ivory-Tower theoreticians or pulp writers who aren’t true players. Richard’s a veteran player; he puts his money where his mouth is – which is one reason I put more faith in what he has to say. Trust me. This book is a winner. You can take this to the bank. If you want a higher winning rate, and a higher monetary return, you will profit — greatly — from NEW Ways to Win MORE at Blackjack.”


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